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About us

Hall Consulting Services (HCS) is headquartered in Davie, Florida, approximately 18 miles from Miami.


With a 17-year track record of helping clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape in Medicare/ Medicaid reimbursement, we offer a wide range of services to hospitals and organizations that receive or administer federal, state, and local government funds.


Our firm provides a broader service in reviewing certain Medicare/Medicaid issues due to our extensive industry experience in working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), fiscal intermediaries, state Medicaid programs, Blue Cross Association and other health care/managed care entities.
Our team

HCS dedicated staff provides reliable and incremental value to our clients’ intellectual base.


Our staff is composed of a diverse group of individuals from varied backgrounds in the healthcare industry, from former auditors of Government agencies, auditors from some of the most respected hospitals in the country and from various fiscal intermediaries nationwide.


Meet our Team Members.



Anthony D. Hall, CPA, PA
President and CEO


Anthony Hall has over 17 years of experience operating a consulting firm specializing in government health care programs.  His work experience includes consulting services to health care providers to enhance reimbursement received from Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare (CHAMPUS) programs to the full extent allowable under the rules and regulations that govern these programs.


Additionally, he has more than 12 years experience in auditing health care facilities for third party payers as a Fiscal Intermediary (e.g. Medicare/Medicaid).  Mr. Hall has extensive experience in health care facilities third party reimbursement.  The full range of accounting experience includes: capital and operating accounting, financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable and debt financing.







His fiscal intermediary management experience included a full range of accounting and audit functions for a complex group of health care facilities, which range in size up to 1,600 patient beds with gross revenues of approximately $1 billion.  He managed a staff of accounting professionals responsible for conducting Medicare/Medicaid audits for over 40 health care facilities, to include: 27 Hospitals, five freestanding skilled nursing facilities, three freestanding home health agencies, and six outpatient therapy facilities.


He is also a former project fiscal intermediary audit manager for the State of Florida’s Medicaid and Disproportionate Share Reimbursement (DSR) programs which are used to proportionately allocate budget accounts in excess of $1 billion to state hospitals.  Based on this experience, valuable insights can be provided on the State’s Health Care Administration operations and processes.