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Our clients

Client A
Gross Expenses: In excess of $1 Billion

No. of Patient Beds: 1,600


By reviewing hospital cost reports from 1990-1999, HCS worked to recoup approximaely $152 million for our client.


Additionally, the Medicaid settlement increased the client’s payment rates prospectively.  Therefore, the hospital received an additional recoupment of approximately $21 million for the affected subsequent fiscal year periods.

Client B
Gross Expenses:

$350 Million

No. of Patients Beds: 700


By reviewing hospital cost reports and Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) issues from 1996-2002, HCS worked to recoup approximately $22 million for this client.

Client C

Gross Expenses:

$100 Million

No. of Patient Beds: 382


By reviewing Medicare and Medicaid and DSH issues from 1996-2002, HCS worked to recoup approximately $4 million for this client.

Our results

Hall Consulting Services (HCS) clients range from major urban medical centers to small focused institutions for which we have recouped millions of dollars in funding.


Our team of consultants will establish excellent working relationships with your employees and departments so there are minimal interruptions in your business operations. 


Our firm has worked extensively with many large hospitals and fiscal intermediaries for many years and our experience enables us to expedite the review of the overall Medicare/Medicaid Cost Report reopenings and appeals within a stringent time frame.


Here are some of the services and reimbursement findings provided to our clients:


  • HCS has been successful in obtaining approximately  $200 million on behalf of its clients.


  • One specific Medicaid Prospective Rate Review resulted in a provider receiving an additional $21 million in annual Medicaid funding.


  • HCS has filed cost report reopenings for some of the largest hospitals in the country. Presently, the estimated reimbursement effect of these reopenings is in excess of $30 million.


  • Reimbursement issues identified by our firm have had a profound effect on subsequent Medicare/ Medicaid reopenings and appeals filed by hospital personnel.